Manda Bay and the Kenyan North Coast


Where do Kenyan's go for a holiday? We're asked all the time.  While many international travellers have in recent years been too spooked by Kenya's north coast, many Kenyans are returning to enjoy their vacations in their favourite haunts like we just did at Manda Bay. Manda is mind-bogglingly good. The food, the views, the bar banter, the Colicoli fishing - It is what makes a coast vacation into an epic coast vacation.

How great it was to be back around Lamu.  I was reminded of when I first visited the busy little town in the 1970s with my parents.  With all the playboys, marginal royals and thong-wearing socialites staying away, the place has a serenity it had back in the old days. The locals we met were thrilled to see more tourists starting to return and we felt welcome in that great way we always did before.

The point of this note: Go check out Lamu again. Now!

Rufous and Bronzey Trevalley (Colicoli)

Dhow off Pate Island, Kenya

Manda Bay

Chilling on Wiilliam/Tanya's Dhow

Dhow Jumping

Fin-nor No. 4


Me and Colicoli

No stress here

Sundowners on Dhow

Dhow Time

Cruising to Pate