Mt Kenya Walking Safari

Just back from a great trip up (and down) Mt Kenya.  With 5 rugged Londoners we embarked on our trip as ominous clouds built about the peaks. Our route was up the Chogoria route and down the Naro Moro.  The weather fortunately stayed perfectly good and we had a super trip, everyone making it to Lanana in one piece.

Here are some pics:

Mt Kenya. Descending to Michaelson.

Mt Kenya. Michaelson Camp

Lake Michaelson Groudsels

Lake Michaelson

Climbing up from Michaelson. Mt Kenya

Climbing Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya Trekking

Mt Kenya Safari


Mt Kenya Climb

Mt Kenya Walking Safari

Mt Kenya Trek

Simba Col

Simba Col Climb

Enjoying the view

Up High on Mt Kenya

View from Lanana

Looking at Batian

Up Lanana

Lanana Peak


Nelion, Mt Kenya

Austrian Hut

Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya Descent

Mt. Kenya