Photo: On Safari: Julie (Kerry’s mom), Kerry, Kerry’s brother, Jamie, Mike (Jamie’s dad)


Then and now…

Kerry and Jamie started going on safari together as kids in the 70’s. Their parents were all good friends and their mothers, Julia and Anthea grew up close to one another near Ol Kalau. The girls rode their horses to visit one another or were captains their field hockey teams. They remain good friends and neighbors to this day, still sharing their love of horses and now a couple of grandkids.

Kerry’s father Rob Glen is a renowned wildlife sculptor and was a critical ingredient in the family safaris. It was Rob who specialized in getting the Rhino’s to charge or the lions to chase the sisal rope dragged behind the land-cruiser.

Mike Christian, Jamie’s father, came from the USA to Kenya to work for the Kenyatta government after independence. It was there that he quickly became friends with Julie and Rob, and his wife-to-be, Anthea.

Kerry attended Capetown University, studying Environmental Science, while Jamie went to the University of Vermont to study Wildlife Biology. In 2003, Kerry was working in London for a Safari Agent and Jamie was working as a Biological Research Assistant.

After a safari to Alaska together, Kerry and Jamie decided to come back to Kenya where Kerry introduced Jamie to camel safaris. Marriage followed, as did a set of twins, and now the three generations go on safari together, still following the routines and traditions learned and loved so many years before.


The Karisia Crew


Gabriel Ewoi

Gabriel worked with Kerry at Ewaso River Camel Hikes and Sabuk for many years. His first job was tending to the pet guinea fowls as a young boy. He worked his way up through the ranks quickly eventually becoming an excellent guide with Karisia Walking Safaris. He has been a walking guide for 15 years and has been on various courses in Kenya to further his knowledge. In 2016 Gabriel went with Kerry Glen on an Advanced Rifle Training course in South Africa. In 2017 he became a Wilderness First Responder. Gabriel has walked through many parts of Kenya and knows Laikipia and northern Kenya very well.


Kerry Glen

Kerry was born in Kenya and grew up accompanying her family on safaris all over East Africa. Kerry's father is the sculptor Robert Glen and many of the family expeditions revolved around studying the biology and design of the animals they encountered. At the Univeristy of Cape Town, Kerry continued to pursue her interests in the natural world, studying Enviromental and Geographical Sciences. Back in Kenya, Kerry designed, built and managed the renowned lodge, Sabuk. Also in Laikipia she guided walking safaris with Sabuk and Ewaso River Camel Hikes for eight years leading clients through some of the most stunning and rugged country in Kenya. Kerry is a Wilderness First Resonder


James Christian

James is a biologist and a photographer who has travelled extensively through Africa. Accompanying safaris arranged by his Kenyan raised mum, Anthea Christian, James developed a passion for wildlife and ecology. James studied Wildlife Biology at The University of Vermont and after University James worked as a biologist, predominantly with endangered birds. During this time James shot motion picture film of wildlife that he sold to Television programs like Public Television's program, NATURE. James is a Wilderness First Responder


Joseph Kamotho

Joseph was born and brought up near Kirimun, Laikipia. Joseph has been a walking safari guide for the past 10 years mainly at Sabuk and 4 years ago he started working with us at Karisia Walking Safaris. He knows and loves wildlife. He is very fortunate to be in good health as he was trampled by an elephant about 6 years ago. He was walking home late at night and walked in to a bull elephant who tossed him and pushed him in to a ditch. Luckily for Joseph the ditch was deep enough and the elephant walked off. Joseph escaped with a few broken ribs and a broken arm but he continues to walk and loves elephants despite his brush with the bull. Joseph has done his rifle training here in Kenya and carries a .458 rifle.

Come join us on safari, we’d love to share our adventure with you!