The Best Walking Safaris in Africa

Karisia offers a wide range of Walking Safaris, custom built to suit your needs. Our Mobile Walking Safaris are supported by camels who carry all the gear from campsite to campsite, whereas on our Walking Safaris from a Base Camp, guests stay at Tumaren Camp or a Satellite Camp and go out each day on walks, camel rides, drives, or rock climbing.

We have put together countless safaris for people of all walks. We are not only operators but we also book entire holidays, from internal flights and transfers to the best accommodation and adventures. Don’t hesitate to fill out our Planning Your Safari form so that we can help you put together a trip of a lifetime.


Mobile Camel-Supported Walking Safaris

Explore and experience the region on foot as we walk from site to site, supported by our camels who carry all the equipment. Accommodation ranges from luxury to basic.


Safaris from a Base Camp

Enjoy our walking safaris from the comfort of Tumaren Camp or our Satellite camp, for walks and drives and adventures. Camels can be ridden or used to carry extra gear and snacks.

We went on a two week safari with Karisia Walking Safaris and loved every minute of our time. The guides were exceptional and answered our hundreds of questions with great knowledge and patience.
— Karisia Guest