How to Put Together the Perfect Safari

Arranging a safari is overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. We live on safari with our children and we are familiar with all the different species of safari as well as the operators who take them. And so, we hope that our safari planner tool below can help narrow your search.

We are operators but we are also booking agents that send guests on safari all over Africa. Our bookings are made on a commission basis and the prices we get never exceed those that guests can find from the same operators directly.

Below is a form that can help us to make a safari that perfectly fits any guest, group or family. Fill it out, click submit and let us start to make your trip a reality.

-Kerry Glen and James Christian


Safari Planning Tool

This planning tool will help us to make a safari perfectly tailored to your needs. Please fill out the form with as much information as you can provide to get started and we’ll get in touch shortly!

What element of safari is a priority to you?
Some people love safari for the stunning images they can capture of wildlife on safari. They might choose their safari based on getting these results even if that means sharing their experience with other tourists. Others are more interested in the solitude and peace they can achieve in a more wild or exclusive setting. Some others want their trip to be a mix of the best of these worlds.
If you would like to be more specific regarding regarding your safari priorities you can write some more notes here:
What kind of budget would you like to spend on your safari?
Note: With Karisia and with some other operators kids are charged at 50% the adult value
What kind of accommodation would you prefer?
Add some notes here if you would like on your accommodation thoughts.
There is no bad time to travel in Kenya but here are some details about our calendar: The long rains in Kenya typically fall in April and May and the short rains usually arrive in November. It is green during and after these periods and it slowly dries out as the months approach the next rains. You can still go to many places at this time of year but some lodges are closed during this period. In Laikipia though our trips remain open and it can be a very beautiful time . The wildebeest migration in the Masai Mara is usually present from late June to early September. Because of this and because of holidays July, August and the Christmas period is considered high season and rates at lodges are more expensive than at other times.
Below is a list of some of the areas within Kenya that you may like to visit. Check any that you might be interested in.
You may not know about these options. No worries, check 'not sure'.
What kind of activities might appeal to you while on safari?
This can help us get a sense of your interests as well as how active you might want to be while on your trip.
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