Ewaso River Honey

 Pure Honey in Laikipia
natural Honey from Laikipia Bees
Laikipia bees Honey, Kenya Honey Production

We have supported and encouraged sustainable, traditional honey production for the last seven years, by buying raw honey and processing it. Kerry Glen established Ewaso River Honey in 1995, purchasing local honey from Samburu and Lakipia Masai in northern Kenya. She sieves, cleans, packages and delivers this honey to markets in Nairobi employing many local people and allowing the honey gatherers to sell their product to a much larger market.

The honey in our area is dependant on wild habitat, a sustainable business that produces a honey of the highest quality on Earth. Acacia mellifera is our best flowering shrub making a white crystaline honey that is very popular. Beacuse we preserve a great deal of Acacia mellifera the area can produce many tons of honey encouraging a sustainable business and helping to combat the threat of charcoal cutting.

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