Natural History Books on Safari


Not everyone is as nerdy as me. I have to accept that and remind myself that most people's interest are not as eco/creepycrawly-centric.  Not everyone jumps for joy when Amazon delivers 'Parasite Rex' or 'Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers'. They should though - its gripping stuff. Safari is the ideal place for non fiction and specifically Natural History. What better place to brush up on some evolution or basic whys and wherefores.  Below are some of my favourite Natural History Books.  As well as some fascinating evolution they are also filled with arcane knowledge perfect for cocktail parties (sexual selection and the purpose of pubic hair for instance *Third Chimpanzee).

Most of these books are ecological but many also include some human history.  Nearly all have implications or messages for humanity (fix your ways or you're doomed).  1491 is very new world specific but it is just such a great history that I had to include it even in a on-safari list.

Here are my top ten:

the diversity of life


song of the dodo

guns germs and steel

a plague of rats and rubbervines

the world without us

the ancestors tale

third chimpanzee

parasite rex