Directions From Nanyuki:


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Arriving in Nanyuki from Nairobi:   You will pass The Nakyuki Mall on your left and then Barclays Bank, and Dormans on your right.  Next LEFT between 2 Petrol Stations is the Dol Dol Road.   If you cross a small bridge and then come to the Police Station on your right you have gone too far.

Note:  Fill with fuel:  It is about 80 kms one way to Tumaren Office.  Note:  Your vehicle will be kept at our office until the end of your trip when it will be brought to you on your final evening.

1.) Head for about 9 km (due north) on the Dol Dol / Rumuruti Rd. that heads towards Ol Pejeta, Mpala Farm and Doldol. You will pass a new British Army compound with a large wire fence around it on your left just beyond Nanyuki town. After 9 kms from Nanyuki Town turn right the tarmac road turn RIGHT.  Take this (again your are still heading towards Mpala and Doldol).  The Rumuruti / Ol Pejeta road continues straight on and becomes dirt.

 2.) Having turned right you go 13 km passing through Naibor and Jua Kali Towns.  At the end of the tarmac turn RIGHT on the Dol Dol Road.  You will cross a bridge about 400 metres after turning right.

 3.) Go 23 km to Il Polei Town.  On either side of the road you will have game fences and a wildlife passage after the Ol Jogi gates.  In Il Polei Town take the main LEFT turn up towards the hills bearing for Kimanjo Town.

 4.) Go 16.5 km till you see clear left to Kimanjo Town.   The route from Il Polei town is windy and hilly with 2 sand luggas to cross.  You will pass some dramatic rock outcrops on your right – Soit Etashi and about 5 kms after this you will come to a homestead on your left and a new (odd) building on the right on a very sharp corner.  There is also a white portable toilet here.  On about 300 metres you will see the Musul School on your right.  From here it is about 4kms to the Kiamcho / Lemarti Left. Keep on the main road and you will come to the next main left turn after a small dam (sometimes no water) and a sign to Lemartis. TURN LEFT.  If you miss this you will head for Ol Donyo Nyiro Town.  Note from Il Polei to the Lemarti / Kimancho turn is 16.5 kms.

 5.) Proceed 2 km to Kimanjo Town where you will meet a Karisia Guard on the sharp corner where the main road is closest to town and overlooking the school.  Wait here.

Telephone numbers to call: 

Tumaren Office: 0727902538 / Tumaren Office: 0725 261173

Kennedy – Nanyuki Office. 0718842464/Kerry:  0721 836792