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Karisia Walking Safaris

Karisia Walking Safaris specialises in walking safaris supported by camels. Our trips offer a unique perspective of not just the animals but the land they live in. On foot we fine tune our senses and experience the country in vivid and exciting detail. We thrive on adventure and an old fashioned approach to safari. Our train of friendly camels carry our comfortable mobile camps to remote and splendid locations each day.

What You Will

Our walking safaris traverse beautiful country with geologic structures of immense age that tell stories of a turbulent and rich history beside the Rift Valley. Archeological artifacts like flints, shards, graves and pottery litter much of the ground near our camps and in all this evidence are fascinating stories of an equally turbulent cultural history.
The rich wildlife in our part of Laikipia distinguishes it for its diversity of large mammals, the greatest in Kenya. Besides the Elephants, the big cats and all the remaining large predators, endangered species thrive here too like the Grevy's Zebra, Wilddogs and Highland Hartebeest.




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Tumaren Ranch Ewaso River Honey

We got into walking safaris because of our interest in ecology and conservation. Since conservation and people are directly linked we actively support the communities we work in, by employing local people, paying conservation fees to the local communities, providing dry season grazing and helping to educate some needy students. Our property, Tumaren is dedicated exclusively to the conservation of wildlife and the game has rebound spectacularly since we began protecting it. Predators have come back in an area where they were persecuted not long ago and the plains game have also sprung back since the intense pressure from livestock has been relieved. Our passion for Wildlife, Natural History and Conservation is central to everything that we do at Karisia.


Meet our

We love natural history and it shows in our guiding. We see plenty of big game on our walking safaris in Africa but we also catch a lot of sights that the gamedrive vehicles just zoom past. Tracking was always a large part of the human experience and with our Ndorobo trackers we work hard to keep the tradition alive scouring the ground for signs of game. Culture is an added dimension to our walks and we are all keenly aware to remind our visitors of our human history that began right beneath our feet.

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Where is Karisia?

Karisia Walking Safaris is located in eastern Laikipia, an area north of Mt. Kenya known for its wilderness and wildlife. The area boasts the highest diversity of large mammals in Kenya and is also home to several endangered species such as the Grevy's Zebra, Wilddog, and Jackson's Hartebeest. Karisia Walking Safaris is only a two hour drive from Nanyuki Town and the scheduled flights that service it. We also have an airstrip for private charter flights. Paste the following GPS position into a Google Earth or Maps search and you can explore our area. N0 27.194 E36 57.444

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