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The Adventure
Fun Stuff to Do

Things to Do on Safari

We specialize not only in walking safaris but also in fun. Our mobile trips as well as our trips from Tumaren or a Satellite Camp always offer side adventures that enrich and broaden the experience. Below are some of the activities that we offer. Some can happen at a moments notice while other require a bit of planning. Either way its always best to tell us specifically what your interests are and we can try to put together a unique experience that will satisfy.


Rock Climbing

We have been guiding rock climbing since we began the company in 2003. We ‘top rope’ from paired drilled anchors and we have a number of set routes for the beginner to the experienced climber. We take safety very seriously using only the best and newest equipment and having climbing instructors routinely come in to audit our routes, equipment and techniques. As an added bonus we often times have Giraffe and Elephants that mill about the base of the hill to watch our skills.



We have an incredible diversity of birds within Kenya and our part of Eastern Laikipia is no exception. Many low country species reach us from the east as well as species typical of higher altitudes. James Christian worked for many years as a research biologist with birds and is always thrilled to take interested birdwatchers out to find some of our specialties.



Our Ndorobo trackers are among some of the best in the country and tracking is a large part of every walk we do. It is routine on our walks to track a predator till we get a good look or simply to decipher the stories left in the soil by the animals that roam past our camps.


Riding Camels

On all our safaris there are riding camels included that are not only ridden but also carry snacks water and extra baggage. These animals accompany the walkers while on our mobile trips the camp camels carry the camp on a more direct routing. Kids love the riding camels especially when they get tired, meaning that parents can extend their walks beyond the capability of smaller legs.


Kimanjo School Visit

Visiting Kimanjo school is always rewarding. To meet children, who despite a lack of resources, are so hungry for education is uplifting and comforting. Sometimes when we visit we may speak to a student club about a certain subject chosen by our guests or guided by their profession or interests. Other times we have brought a model or an educational toy to assemble together as a team. In the end the idea is for everyone to learn something new together and to hopefully make a new connections. We all want to learn and we try to do so in a casual and fun way.


Market day

Once every 2 weeks it is market day in Kimanjo. Market day is a hugely popular social event for people in our community not only because of the commerce but also because of the chance to meet with neighbors who live a large distance away. The market at Kimanjo is an easy walk from our safaris in our conservation area and we often times are viewing wildlife right up to the outskirts of the little town. At market we learn about the livestock sales as well as the different services offered from solar powered barbershops to traditional medicines.


Karisia Football

We routinely organize football games with kids from our local high school. These games can be organized in conjunction with a visit to Kimanjo school (which we support in a number of ways) or simply as a fun match. Sports are a great way for cultures to meet over a common passion and our guests often time say that our football matches are fondly memorable aspect of their safari.


Masai Survival Skills

On every safari our team member help kids and adults to know some basic life lessons such as how to start a fire with no matches. We also talk a great deal about tracking and how to think about smell and wind direction when walking around large mammals. Spear throwing and Rungu (traditional wooden throwing club) making are also important parts of the syllabus.



We’re really into fishing and Kenya has some great fishing opportunities from high country trout to large ocean going species. On our safaris we can fish for catfish and barbel on request but our specialty is putting together side trips to target species such as Nile Perch, Mt Kenya Trout and Tigerfish.


Visit the Baboon Project and Mpala Research

At Tumaren we are very luck to be neighbors to not only a super long term study of Baboons but also the Mpala Research Center which hosts professors and students from all over the world to study the ecology of our area. Both of these stellar research efforts are happy to host interested guests and educate us about the fascinating knowledge that they gather on their subjects.