Lion Kills Wilddog

On the 6th of September at 10am in the morning wild dogs were seen hunting around Tumaren Camp.  A walking safari nearby were able to see the dogs briefly as they tore off after some Impala.  This is not an uncommon observation on our trips and we see wilddogs often hunting in the area.  While some lodges in Kenya use radio telemetry to find their wilddogs, we prefer old school tracking and spotting to the 'canned hunt' approach. It was thrilling then to see that our pack had some very new pups with them as well. Kechine, one of our lead rangers continued to follow the wilddogs as they descended toward one of our dams.  In thick bush he was able to catch up with the dogs just as they met with an adult lioness.  There was a standoff just before the Lioness lunged and was able to grab one of the new pups.  She promptly killed the dog while the rest of the pack circled in obvious concern and stress.  A rather sad day for our dogs but a very interesting interaction that Kechine (also pictured below) was able to observe and document on his new Nikon camera.

Lioness followed by Wilddogs


Lion Killing Wilddog


Lion Killing baby wilddog

Kechine Tracker and Lead Ranger at Tumaren. Laikipia, Kenya

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