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Boniface We are writing today about our guide and friend Boniface Tupunyua. If you have been on safari with Boniface you will know all about his enthusiasm, fun spirit and his infectious laugh. Boniface has been guiding for Karisia since its inception and he is among the elders within the company that everyone listens to, trusts and respects. It was Boniface who saved our tracker Shillingi from a lioness who had mauled him. It was Boniface who adopted a homeless Turkana boy he met in Maralal town, bringing him home and raising him as his own.

In February of this year, Boniface was sadly diagnosed with Bone Marrow Cancer. It was devastating news to all of us but Boniface braved his treatment with the same positive resolve that he applies to every other aspect of his life. Donations towards Boniface's care came from every level of our employed staff and among our neighboring local community. Many people who could not donate cash gave goats instead. His treatment in Nairobi at one of the best Cancer Hospitals on the continent was not insubstantial and besides our own contribution Boniface received huge help from the Anthony family whom he had guided on several trips.

Today Boniface is home and is making huge progress towards total recovery. In the meantime though the education of his kids remains a huge priority. It is also somewhat of a stress since he is no longer earning the income that he could while guiding. And so we write to appeal to you to consider making a small donation towards the continued education of three of Boniface's exceptional kids. It would be super to keep these great kids going with their studies. Thank you for your consideration and for anything you might be able to contribute. All ready, Boniface has very kindly received enough help for one term from Yvonne Forsen, Robin Johnson and several other friends. Here is a link to a fundraising site that we set up for Boniface. We will be managing all donations and paying the money directly to the schools.


Kerry Glen and James Christian



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