Eurasian Wryneck caught on Camera-Trap


We were recently reviewing thousands of camera-trap images when i found something very unexpected.  The camera -trap was placed in front of a game trail with a very disturbing blade of grass that triggered the camera very frequently.  This accounted for the the thousands images that had to be slowly deleted.  And yet, at the end of the list of grass portraits there was the following image with a bird in it.  At a quick glance I thought it was a d'Arnaud's Barbet and I nearly deleted it.  But on a closer examination it was clear that this was no barbet but a Eurasian Wryneck, an absolutely new species for Tumaren and a very hard species to see anywhere in Kenya.  One Eurasian Wryneck was identified on the nearby Loldaiga Ranch in 2016 and so It may just be that the species frequents our area more than we might have thought. Here is the pic:

Eurasian Wryneck