Love thine Cockroach

A very great deal of people are quite put off by cockroaches. They tend to evoke repulsion in a way that Spiders and Snakes sometimes do suggesting that humans may have a hardwired response built in.  Cockroaches spread germs and we maybe genetically trained to be repulsed. Sadly though our natural fear is naively for all […]

Rock-climbing Class at Tumaren

What an amazingly great rock climbing class we had over the course of the past three days. Taught by the superb rock guides extraordinaire, Julian Wright and Tom Gregory from African Ascents. The class was focused on top roping instruction for our guides and assistant guides. By pioneering new roots Julian and Tom got the team […]

Mt Kenya Walking Safari

Just back from a great trip up (and down) Mt Kenya.  With 5 rugged Londoners we embarked on our trip as ominous clouds built about the peaks. Our route was up the Chogoria route and down the Naro Moro.  The weather fortunately stayed perfectly good and we had a super trip, everyone making it to […]

Manda Bay and the Kenyan North Coast

Where do Kenyan’s go for a holiday? We’re asked all the time.  While many international travellers have in recent years been too spooked by Kenya’s north coast, many Kenyans are returning to enjoy their vacations in their favourite haunts like we just did at Manda Bay. Manda is mind-bogglingly good. The food, the views, the […]

Natural History Books on Safari

Not everyone is as nerdy as me. I have to accept that and remind myself that most people’s interest are not as eco/creepycrawly-centric.  Not everyone jumps for joy when Amazon delivers ‘Parasite Rex’ or ‘Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers’. They should though – its gripping stuff. Safari is the ideal place for non fiction and […]