Karisia and our Community

We actively support the communities we work in by employing local people and training them in tourism, farm management, security and mechanics. We are among the largest employers for our immediate neighbors on the Olmotiok and Koija group ranches. Our safaris also pay conservation fees to the local communities providing income to areas that have little other revenue coming in. By providing seasonal dry grazing, Karisia and Tumaren Ranch are able to help the local communities to manage their herds as well as their own land that needs as much rest as they can give it.

Through Mango Safaris and their generous guests in Oregon we pay for food that supplies all the 574 kids in our local school with food during school. Before this supplement was provided the kids would usually go through an entire day of lessons with no nutrition.

We have educated several orphaned children who have not only done well completing their education with good scores but more importantly joining our Karisia family as friends, family and safari team members . We are very proud of our kids as well as our local Environmental Club who we visit at their school and who visit our area to walk with our guides to learn about our wildlife. We strongly encourage all our guests on safari to visit Kimanjo School, our market or our local football team to learn more about local life here and have fun in the process.