The 'Giving Back' Safari

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This exclusive safari is an example itinerary and it can be guided as a Luxury Walking Safari  ,  Classic Walking Safari  ,  AirBnC (Air Bed and Camel)  ,  and it can be adjusted to suit your wishes for distance or nights out. The idea of 'giving back' can be also implemented in any of our safaris or itineraries. Just tell us about your interest in helping out.

Giving Back to the Community

So, this is how we have done it in the past. On a safari around Tumaren we plan for a walk to the school library at our closest neighbouring town, Kimanjo. In the morning of the presentation the walk is a normal stroll past wildlife and beautiful landscape and its like this right up to the school. At the school we will host a 40 minute presentation that our guests can create based on their own experience or else possibly the construction of an educational Toy. Subjects for a presentation might include (but are not limited to) health, carpentry, bicycle repair, solar, sewing, mechanics, ecology, conservation or better business skills - basically any subject that might help a young person (high school) in our rural area to get a job or to experience a better or more fulfilling life. If you would like to be part of a presentation but you don't feel like you have your own subject then we would be happy to put together an outline that you and your guide can present together. We only ask that all our guests bring at least one book (or educational toy - see below) to contribute to our local library. It would be super if the subject of the book was related to the presentation but it might also be a special story that means a lot.

Remember that the below itinerary is only an example. Contact us to make the trip as long or as short as you would like or to ask about the timing of our local market. Market day in Kimanjo is a great day for the presentation since its fun and interesting with most shoppers dressed in their traditional best.

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We will begin our trip on a dry river bed which in Kenya we call a lugga. The low Sinyai Lugga builds a contrast to the higher acacia country that we will walk through on the second and third days of your trip. Birds are dramatically different here as is the vegetation and steep topography. The remainder of the safari traverses a rich Acacia bush country that thrives with plains game as well as the predators that like to eat them. It is not uncommon to run into a Lion, Leapord, Hyena or Wilddog along the course of this safari.

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On the second day of walking we will venture up and around through the bush on foot all the way to Kimanjo school where we will give a presentation on your chosen subject. An alternative to the presentation would also be to build a complex Lego project or an educational toy like the OWI Solar Powered Robot or the OWI Robotic Arm

laikipia community outreach

With our riding camels carrying our heavier cameras, water and snacks we will venture forth each morning while the bulk of the remaining camels bear the tents, fly sheets and kitchen straight on to the next camp. This safari finishes on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, the second largest river in Kenya. Hugely popular with our Elephants who love to wallow in its muddy stretches, the river offers a great opportunity to approach, study and photograph these riveting animals. From the river camp you will be picked up and transferred to your next destination after a hearty goodbye from the entire team.

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