3 Night Walking Safari and Mt Kenya 10 to 4 Mountain Bike Challenge.

Mt Kenya 10-4 Mountainbike Challenge

This exclusive safari is an example itinerary and the camel safari part of the trip can be guided as Luxury Walking Safari or Classic Walking Safari and it can be adjusted to suit your wishes for distance or nights out.

3 Night Walking Safari and Mt Kenya 10 to 4 Mountain Bike Challenge

ten to four bike race

Night 1 February: Fairview Hotel - 1 Night

We will pick you up from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport and transfer you to the hotel for your first night in Kenya.

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Night 2 February: Nayasura

You will be met and taken to Laikipia for your first night on safari. You can ride your bikes or walk on this safari. We will drive to camp where we will be greeted by our local team of cooks, camel guys, and trackers. The local Laikipia Masai call these rocks Nayasura and stone chippings suggest that they have been used as a camp for millennia. We too will use the rocks starting with a refreshing lunch and short rest in our classic roomy safari tents. After lunch we will head out on a short walk looking for game and getting a feel for the country. As the sun begins to set we will find ourselves at the crest of Nayasura with drinks and bitings, watching the baboons come back to roost on the face of the rock. Back at camp we will find our welcoming campfire on the edge of the sandy lugga. After hot showers and drinks around the fire we will have a sit down dinner under the stars.

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Night 3 February: Nyarara

From Nayasura we will head out early after breakfast so to see as much game as possible on our walk north towards Nyarara Camp. Nyarara means Cheetah in Masai and the camp was given this name because of a large male that has been seen in the area. Along our walk we will walk across large plains as well as mixed bush. Herds of Zebra, Oryx and Grant’s gazelle predominate on the large plains. In the mixed bush we find Dikdiks, Gerenuk, Impala and Lesser Kudu if we are lucky enough to see them. We will arrive at camp in time for lunch. The pack camels with our camp will have made a more direct route than us and so they will have arrived before us and set up most of camp before our arrival. After lunch we will relax and walk to a pretty spot for sundowners.

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Night 4 February: Tumaren Ewaso Camp

Today we will be heading down toward the Ewaso Nyiro River, which runs along the eastern edge of the Laikipia Plateau and then turns eastward toward Samburu National Reserve. Along the way we will be looking for Eland, Steinbuck and Giraffe and enjoy the changing scenery. When we arrive at the Ewaso Nyiro we may want to take a quick swim before lunch. After lunch, a rest and sundowners on a high rocky hillside we will return to our camp on the river for dinner and a toast to our walking adventure.

Night 5 February:

 Travel to the main camp of the 10 to 4 at Borana - where we will find your tent and get you registered. The drive is nice and should take no more than 3.5 hours. Accommodation and registration included. Meals are extra.

10 to 4

Night 6 February

Wake up early for the race and you will be driven to the start. The day of the Race! Good luck !

Night 7 February:

Wake up early for the race and you will be driven to the start. The day of the Race! Good luck

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