7 Night Mathews Walking Safari

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This exclusive safari is an example itinerary and it can be guided as a  Luxury Walking Safari  ,  Classic Walking Safari  ,  AirBnC (Air Bed and Camel)  ,  and it can be adjusted to suit your wishes for distance or nights out.

7 Nights Walking Safari in Mathews Range

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Drive or fly to Ol Donyo Uasin airstrip which is just northeast of the northern end of the Mathews Range. The flight is dramatic and beautiful and it gives a good sense of the country that we will be covering on our walk. The 6 hour drive from Nanyuki is also very scenic and those choosing to drive can be picked up from the scheduled flight into Nanyuki.

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The team of camels walk seperately to us and our own riding camels and each day they will set up camp before we arrive. Along the way we will be walking along a footpath that has been used for millenia as a route to the markets on the western side of the mountains. Even today the Samburu and Rendille use this path to cross the mountains, typically regailed in their best beads and finery. Massive boulders that have fallen off the overhanging mountains are clung to by pugnacious figs that envelop everything they touch in roots and intertwined trunks. The spectacular virgin forests are home to countless forms, as yet undescribed. Even the showy De Brazza Monkey was not known to exist here until its discovery only a few years back. This great BBC article outlines the importance of the Mathew's Range and how much remains unknown about this area. The last night of the safari will be spent at Kitich camp, an excellent tented camp beside a river valley rich in big game, including Elephants, Buffalo, Bushbuck and Waterbuck. Hyenas, Leopards and Lions are also present but harder to see.

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