Zebra Stallions Up in Arms

It appears that the rains that we received a few weeks back and the grass that we now have as a result have kick-started the zebras hormonal systems. Everywhere i went today on an early morning walk there were zebra stallions fighting, rearing, biting and then falling to their knees as they each strike at the others legs (and more valuable areas). This would suggest that the females are all coming into season and many of the younger stallions are giving the current stallion a run for his money. This is all happening among the common zebras (bohm's) but I have not yet noticed if the Grevy's are showing any interest in warring or loving. fightingzebra

(this is a picture i took in the Masai Mara)

Note: Grevy's Zebra are an endangered species and make their living in a totally different way than the Common Zebra. A Grevy's Zebra rather than securing a herd that he can travel and mate with will secure a territory in order mate with those females within it. He will tolerate other males on his territory but only he has breeding rights while within his area.