Why the rainy season is the best season.

Tumaren is booming and the wildlife are all breeding, frolicking and fighting. THIS is the time to be on safari! I have never been able to fathom why so many people and agents steer guests away from Kenya during the rains. It is by far my own favorite time to be on safari and more international visitors should know about how nice it is. Leopard in Samburu

The rain brings out lots of life that has to hide away during the long dry periods. The tortoises start to roam widely in our area and begin to search out mates. Insects of all color and shape emerge to pollinate or eat the equally diverse collection of flowering plants that erupt. Birds are nesting and the young attract the attention of many kinds of predator. The lush vegetation prompts most of the plains game to go into breeding mode - the stallion zebras fighting off advances from other males while the gazelles too come into season and begin to drop their young in the long grass. Its a predator's dreamscape.

To give an idea of what people are missing by not travelling during the rains, here are are just a few images from a 2 hour game drive in Samburu.  I didn't stop for the bugs or flowers as there were just too many for the kids in my car.

Spread the word: The Kenyan Rains are Great

Emerald-spotted Wood Dove

Grevy's Zebra

Kori Bustard

Lichtenstein's Sandgrouse

Pygmy Falcon

Red-billed Hornbill

Samburu Elephants

Yellow-necked Spurfowl

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