Striped Hyena Caught on Film


Gabriel our head of security has managed to get pictures of one of our elusive Striped Hyenas. An Oryx was found dead several days before these images were taken, using the carcass as bait. The Oryx had sustained bad injuries in a past fight with another male oryx (you might remember that we found another large male Oryx dead several months ago). This Oryx looks like he had survived for several months with his wounds which included two puncture wounds to his underside and a broken leg. Gabriel and his guards found the dead oryx in a little ditch where it appeared he had slipped and then was unable to get up.Gabriel set up the camera on the carcass the first night and caught this fleeting glimpse of a Striped Hyena, a species we observed only for the first time a month ago.

striped hyenas

striped hyena

Wim are you seeing this!!! cheers, jc