Lolmelil The Lion


Lolmelil, a large male lion who we have seen on a number of occasions but never photographed finally made an appearance at a dead common zebra we found a couple weeks back. The zebra had sadly died from a snare that had slowly strangled and cut it.  Parm put the camera out and got these great images of Lolmelil.  If you look very closely in the first image you can see that he has a radio collar.  The collar was put on by the good folks at the Laikipia Predator Project . Learn more about their work here:


He first arrived at 10:58 pm and we got this image and another.  He must have spooked from human scent because he did not return again for an hour and a half. The last image below is the last we got of lolmelil, he looked at the camera (which makes a slight red glow when using its infrared flash) and then a minute later the camera was on its back for the rest of the night - I suppose he wanted to eat in peace.





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