Honey Badger or Ratel


You can use either name. We use Honey-badger around here. Kerry's 5 traditional bee hives were completely destroyed a few weeks back and all our guys said it was the honey badger and yet we never see him. Then came the camera trap.While it is not a great picture and we will be working to getter better images of this fascinating animal, It is neat to, at least, get a glimpse of our honey thief. The Honey Badger is likely the species that together evolved a sympatric relationship with the bird the honeyguide who brings the animal to the hive and eats the grubs and wax after the animal has dispatched the hive. I only say likely above because the honey guide also guides humans and it is thought by some that the honey guide could have evolved the behavior first with early human gatherers. Old Mr. Honey Badger has been around for far longer though than humans and i think it more likely that early humans observed the behavior and mimicked it. The Masai in our area that collect honey that the birds find often whistle and grunt at the bird which they say encourages it. cheers, jc

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