Elephant Nearly Destroys Camera-trap


A mixed group of female elephants with young visited one of our small dams recently at 8 in the morning.  That was nice and we managed to get a number of nice images of them as they drank, many images framed by the legs and belly of a foreground animal. ele.jpg


Then one hour later, clearly tracking the movements of the females,  a lone bull passed.  The camera-trap took this one image of him passing at 9:09am ele4.jpg

The next image at 9:22 was more of a self portrait. Clearly, after kicking over the camera, the ele thought the lens looked very interesting.


The Bull then sat and photographed himself dozens of times as he looked down at the odd machine.  When he finally left the camera it was still facing upward and for the remainder of the day it shot hundreds of images of the passing clouds.  Elephants are very cheeky.