Crocodile Slaughter on Ewaso Nyiro River


My concerns for the crocs in the Ewaso were confirmed the other day when Kerry and I passed a camp downstream at an area called Ntodo.  We found 2 dead crocs that were hunted down while they hid pathetically in the last remaining hiding places on the river.  A local Samburu that we spoke with said that they had killed 8 in the immediate area, most of whom had hidden under the fig treen in the photograph below.  you can see in the images of the tree where they had cut the roots  to access the crocs hiding underneath. the last image in of one of the crocs dead and still in his hiding place. all very sad and we can only hope that enough small crocs survive till the river starts flowing again.  The worst part of this water disaster is that it has all been man-made. This is what happens when there is no water management, an excess of corruption and no enforcement of existing laws. croc.jpgcroc2.jpgcroc3.jpgcroc4.jpg


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