Can you know a Leopard by its spots?


I was having a look at some of our past cameratrap pictures and looking closer at the Leopard images in order to see if i could identify the individuals.  I reckoned at first that the first two cats were the same and the third was a second cat.  The size of the first two males looks about the same and i suppose that is why i assumed they were the same. The third looked more juvenile, not yet with all the fat around his upper body, neck and head.  Anyway, have a look at these three cats and tell me your opinion: Here is the first one. notice the sort of spiral around one central rousette three quarters down his left back end.


Now compare that same area to this cat caughtabout 2kms away. he is about the same size but that funny rousette does not appear on this animals rear end.


Now, here is the third animals left rear.  he appeared significantly smaller than the previsous two cats in the other images we got of him.



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