The passing of our dear friend and founding Karisia guide, Boniface Tupunya


We are very sad to report that Boniface passed away on the October 2nd after a long battle with cancer. Boniface was a founding member of our Karisia family and he touched every coworker and guest he ever worked with.  His kindness and his constant positive outlook is probably what stood out the most for his friends.  Once when on safari in the Karisia Hills he met a young Turkana homeless boy on the streets of Maralal town.  The boy was begging and so Boniface promptly asked why. The boy said his parents had died so he had no choice but to come to town. Boniface then asked if he would prefer to come back and live with him and to grow up in a Masai household. The boy jumped at the chance to have a nice home and within weeks had learned to speak Maa (Masai / Samburu language). He became Boniface's son and brother to Boniface's other children.  This was the kind of man that Boniface was and this is the man we will always remember.  

Tomorrow, October 12th, 2019 Boniface's family is having a private burial for Boniface at Koija Group Ranch where Boniface grew up. 

Many of Boniface’s friends and past guests generously donated to a Crowdrise drive to raise money for the education of Boniface’s children that we set up when he was first diagnosed in 2016. The money that was donated went 2000$ past our money raising goal of 5000$ and that money is still being held in a bank account that we help manage for Boniface's children’s education.  Boniface was always so delighted and touched by the generosity of the people that he had touched along the way.  To all those that contributed to the education fund and also to those that gave towards the hospital bills, we would like to extend a huge thank you for the love you showed Boniface and for the help that you have given his children. 

We will always miss you Boniface but we will never forget you. Go with peace and love.

James Christian