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Bookings are taken on the understanding that guests have their own comprehensive travel insurance to cover them for any potentiality. Is that ok?

Like for most activities in life, safaris can be subject to a certain amount of risk. We at Karisia take safety very seriously but we can not control every variable or protect our guests from every unforseen circumstance. During your safari with Karisia Limited certain hazards may arise including, but not limited to, traveling in isolated regions often far from medical facilities, traveling on rough roads, walking on uneven terrain and camping and walking in close proximity to wild animals. As part of payment for your safari with Karisia Limited, you will assume this risk and hold Karisia Limited free from any and all liability for accidents beyond their control. The terms hereof shall serve as a release and assumption of risk for all of the members of your family, including minors accompanying you. Check Yes, below if you understand that in the event of an accident that Karisia Ltd. is not liable for any medical expenses or other costs made on your behalf and you will not hold Karisia Ltd. liable for such arrangements. Check yes also to recognize that a physical waiver of liability will also be required on arrival with Karisia

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