Wild Dogs on Tumaren

I was out working on one of our camps today situated high on our rock outcrop called Ol Donyo Nanyuki when i saw these wild dogs sleeping below me. they never saw me but they did appear spooky, jumping up at make beleive things behind them then settling down again for more rest. its always exciting seeing the wild dogs but it was only afterwards when i was looking at our pictures that i noticed one had been collared. This will have been put on by the good folks at the Mpala research center who run, among all sorts of other research a wild dog project. you can read more here (unfortunately you can see that the image that WCS has used is from Tanzania or southern Africa – Sable aren’t from Laikipia!):


Mpala Ranch hosts the research but i couldn’t find anything on their website – why, i don’t know.




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Insect Identification Help

Parm, one of our rangers pointed out the following larvae the other day while we were walking across a large plain together. the larvae at that time was not exposed and the only indication of his presence was a simple non descript hole. parm said in swahili “watch”. He cut a piece of grass, chewed the tip a bit and then wiggled the end near the entrance to the hole. The larvae attached, pinched the grass and with a smooth motion parm removed him from his hole where i photographed him before returning him to his home.
I reckon this must be some kind of beetle larvae. I have never seen tiger beetles here and he is far too big but he does resemble their larvae. Anyway he is very predatory and I wouldn’t be surprised if he was one of the large nocturnal ground beetles that prowl the savanna in search of prey. ideas welcome.

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