Lions Eat Another Cow

One of our neighbours large bulls was killed and eaten on our property several days ago.  It appears to have been doing a little secret grazing in the evening when the lion got it.  This is the third lion loss for this particular neighbor in the past 4 months. We have notified the Laikipia Predator Project but should readers here like to read more about an excellent Organization that works to mitigate lion / livestock problems go to:

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Odd Agama Lizard

We have been encountering the following Agama lizard on many of our walks around Tumaren. His colour is not right for a Red-Headed Agama and yet there is no other Agama for the area in the book that fills his description. The Mwanza Flat Headed Agama from the Mara and south is the only Agama that resembles it. Ideas???

elementaita agama
elementaita agama
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