A Typical Day on Safari

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What is a walking safari?

Unlike a vehicle-based safari, a walking safari in Africa allows the traveller to enjoy a more intimate insight into Kenya's animals and its people. These safaris are walking safaris supported fully by camels, we do not use vehicles to move the camps and the camels carry the entire camp and luggage. The amount of camels on a walking safari will vary from 8 – 25 depending on how many people are on the safari. By using camels rather than vehicles we can get to areas that vehicles cannot reach, it is a very peaceful way of travelling through the landscape.

Typically we are woken before sunrise with hot water in our basins. After a cup of tea or pressed coffee, some granola, eggs, toast and fruit we will set off with the rising sun, We are accompanied by a Laikipia Masai tracker and a few riding camels who carry our refreshments and day-packs . We will stop en route for a light snack and then carry on to our next camp. The main team will pack up the camp behind us and aim straight for the next campsite. Often times they pass us as we enjoy the things we encounter along the way. We arrive at our next camp to be greeted with a cool drink and a gourmet lunch. The afternoon is normally spent relaxing, enjoying a stream or river, having a siesta or fishing before going for an evening walk and sundowners. The camels also use this time to relax and browse around camp. In the evening our staff will offer hot showers before we have drinks by the fire and a three-course dinner under the stars.

Our tents vary depending on the style of safari you choose and they are made up each day with comfortable mattresses and bedding, towels and dressing gowns and solar lights. Outside each tent is a small table, with drinking water and a mirror and a hand basin, which is refilled throughout the day. In the early morning you will be woken with a hodi’ (knock knock) and hot water in your basin outside the tent. Behind the tents are the toilets and showers.

Our food is varied and always fresh and delicious. Breakfasts are fruit, muesli, yoghurt, eggs, bacon etc, whilst lunches are salads, pizzas, cheeses and fruit. In the evening we have a sit down three-course meal under the stars. We serve beer and wine, gin and vodkas and tonics. Each safari is tailor made to suit the group and we can walk for as long as guests feel comfortable. Typically we will walk between 8 and 14 kms in the mornings, getting to camp by lunchtime. In the afternoons we will go on a stroll, visit a manyatta, climb a rock and just take the afternoon as everyone pleases. Occasionally we remain in the same camp for more than one night, just venturing out to explore the immediate area.

We have led people of all ages from children of 4 to folks over 80. As each safari is tailor made to suit the group we can adjust each one accordingly. Our trips are popular with honeymooners as well as family groups and then friends wanting a few days together in Kenya’s beautiful Laikpia and Samburu districts. We are supported by a wonderful staff of Masai, Samburu, and Turkana who are all local to the areas we operate in. Their collective knowledge of plant life, animal life and culture is enough to sustain a lifetime of study.

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