Aardwolf Baby Pics!

Our most hard to see hyena, the Aardwolf.  Recently on a walk I flushed an Aardwolf from a burrow. On another walk weeks later the same Aardwolf sprang from the same hole.  Kechine our expert tracker could see some other very small prints in the fine dust beside the entrance.  We put the camera on […]

Exploiting African Sandlewood

The exploitation of African Sandlewood (Osyris lanceolata) has become a serious issue in recent years. In our area smuggling Sandlewood has become a big business with many chiefs other politicians involved. Here is a photo of a plant i encountered on a recent walking safari: Karisia Walking Safaris

Interesting Nocturnal Spider

We have run into this species only three times while on safari. They seem to only spin their webs at night and retreat and hide during the day. I wonder if anyone else has run into this spider or something like it before… Here he is as he hides during the day: Here his legs […]

De Braza Monkeys Images from Mathew’s Range

De Braza Monkeys were thought to only exist west of the Rift Valley till Helen Dufresne discovered them living in the Mathew’s Range. Overnight the population of this Endangered Primate quadrupled within Kenya (or something thereabouts – i can’t remember exactly the numbers). Check out these pictures from our last walking safari there: Karisia Walking […]

Another Herpetologist Needed

We ran into this interesting snake in the Mathews. It moved away fast enough that i only got the following images before it was gone. The closest i could get using the book was a Desert Black-headed Snake. Does that seem about right, snake people? The book suggest that this is an uncommon species with […]

Herpetologist Needed

Ran into this murder scene in the Mathews Range. The snake, I’m familiar with. He is a Speckled Sand Snake. The lizard though, seems different. We have southern long-tailed Lizards around common in Laikipia but this guys coloration is so utterly different (as well he seems more stocky). I cant seem to get an ID […]