Love thine Cockroach

A very great deal of people are quite put off by cockroaches. They tend to evoke repulsion in a way that Spiders and Snakes sometimes do suggesting that humans may have a hardwired response built in.  Cockroaches spread germs and we maybe genetically trained to be repulsed. Sadly though our natural fear is naively for all […]

Lion Kills Wilddog

On the 6th of September at 10am in the morning wild dogs were seen hunting around Tumaren Camp.  A walking safari nearby were able to see the dogs briefly as they tore off after some Impala.  This is not an uncommon observation on our trips and we see wilddogs often hunting in the area.  While […]

Aardwolf Baby Pics!

Our most hard to see hyena, the Aardwolf.  Recently on a walk I flushed an Aardwolf from a burrow. On another walk weeks later the same Aardwolf sprang from the same hole.  Kechine our expert tracker could see some other very small prints in the fine dust beside the entrance.  We put the camera on […]

Why the rainy season is the best season.

Tumaren is booming and the wildlife are all breeding, frolicking and fighting. THIS is the time to be on safari! I have never been able to fathom why so many people and agents steer guests away from Kenya during the rains. It is by far my own favorite time to be on safari and more […]

Is this a pygmy toad ?

Found this toad the other night and it just seems different than the others. It lies flat to the ground and takes a different posture than the more upright “typical” toads. I put quotes around typical because i have trouble using the book to Id even our most common toad. Karisia Walking Safaris

Exploiting African Sandlewood

The exploitation of African Sandlewood (Osyris lanceolata) has become a serious issue in recent years. In our area smuggling Sandlewood has become a big business with many chiefs other politicians involved. Here is a photo of a plant i encountered on a recent walking safari: Karisia Walking Safaris