Geologist Wanted

Here are a series of Rocks that I photographed on a recent trip down the Ewaso Nyiro River. I would appreciate any ideas anyone might have about any of these structures as well as some clue as to how they were formed.  I know that our area has experienced a great deal of interesting geologic […]

Leopard Photographed Looking For Easter Bunny

We got this big boy last night out on the road.  you can see the setting moonlight in the background. We think he is the same mail we got in our cameratrap at an Impala Kill earlier in the year.  Fortunately, he did not find the Easter Bunny who did visit us with chocholate this […]

Crocodile Slaughter on Ewaso Nyiro River

My concerns for the crocs in the Ewaso were confirmed the other day when Kerry and I passed a camp downstream at an area called Ntodo.  We found 2 dead crocs that were hunted down while they hid pathetically in the last remaining hiding places on the river.  A local Samburu that we spoke with […]