Zebra Stallions Up in Arms

It appears that the rains that we received a few weeks back and the grass that we now have as a result have kick-started the zebras hormonal systems. Everywhere i went today on an early morning walk there were zebra stallions fighting, rearing, biting and then falling to their knees as they each strike at […]

Striped Hyena Confirmed Breeding on Tumaren

Not less than a month after our first observation of this species we have confirmed breeding within Tumaren. The pups were slightly nervous of the camera at first but within two hours they were relaxed – relaxed enough to chew through the camera’s strap then toss it around for an hour or so exposing some […]

Wildcat – The Original Meow

A week ago a lion killed a zebra near camp. When the rangers found the carcass the next day they positioned the camera trap on the carcass to see if the lions returned. The big cats, nervous of people around here, did not return but as luck would have it a smaller version walked by. […]

Striped Hyena Caught on Film

Gabriel our head of security has managed to get pictures of one of our elusive Striped Hyenas. An Oryx was found dead several days before these images were taken, using the carcass as bait. The Oryx had sustained bad injuries in a past fight with another male oryx (you might remember that we found another […]

Big Thanks To Wim from Tumaren and the AArdwolves

Wim, Many Sante Sanas for your contribution to our conservation work. I will need now to get that aardwolf pic as a sufficient thank you. In the meantime the Hyena Appreciation Society has some more members and with an Aardwolf picture well surely get some more. Hope your well, James