Rethinking The Meat Guzzler – NY Times article

I eat meat and probably too much of it. I found this article in the New York Times rather alarming. I have always known about these issues but the implications for just slowing down our meat consumption (rather than quitting outright) are incredible with regard to greenhouse gas.

Wild Dogs on Tumaren

I was out working on one of our camps today situated high on our rock outcrop called Ol Donyo Nanyuki when i saw these wild dogs sleeping below me. they never saw me but they did appear spooky, jumping up at make beleive things behind them then settling down again for more rest. its always […]

Insect Identification Help

Parm, one of our rangers pointed out the following larvae the other day while we were walking across a large plain together. the larvae at that time was not exposed and the only indication of his presence was a simple non descript hole. parm said in swahili “watch”. He cut a piece of grass, chewed […]

Mr. D’arnaud pops in daily

A D’arnaud’s barbet has become our new best friend as he has taken to stealing tomatoes from our stores near our office. he has no fear and runs between the legs of our seats as we eat lunch (often times tomato free).

Black-faced Sandgrouse

I nearly stepped on this nesting sandgrouse the other day while working on road repairs. It flushed in front of me. amazing how hidden he was. I didn’t know Mr. Lichtenstein’s  sandgrouse helped with brooding. He was on 3 eggs which he returned to within 15 minutes.

Assasin in camp

I found the following Assassin bug under some logs today in camp. Evidently they can give a rather severe bite. I wonder what he assassinates for food???