Shooting Lions to prevent poisoning?

David Mech, the American Wolf Biologist once suggested that allowing ranchers to shoot and kill the occasional wolf predating their livestock would allow ranchers recourse to fix their own problems without resorting to poisoning, the more deadly and indiscriminate killer of predators as well as scavengers. I wonder if the same theory could apply to […]

School Delivery

Allison and Art Daily, two guests that we had on a camel safari were kind enough to bring a large bag of school supplies and 2 beautiful footballs that we delivered recently to our local primary school.

Rain and Migrant Birds

We had our first rain last night. It has been two months since the heavy rains we received in January. Many Migrant birds have been around recently. On a recent birding safari we got a Booted Eagle, and hundreds of Whittethroats and Willow Warblers. In the past few weeks we have also had an Irania […]

Blue Headed Tress Agama

Last week on safari we saw a Blue Headed Tree Agama. This is the first time that we have noticed this spectacular lizard here in Laikipia. We saw a male in full breeding colours. He was bright turquoise under his chin and bright blue all over his body. When we tried to get closer he […]